Security films

Safety and security films

Glass constructions nowadays surround a man everywhere – partitions, doors, shop windows, roofs, furniture, details of interior. Glass has some splendid features – it is pervious to light and protects from wind and precipitation, but it has also one shortcoming - fragility. In the event of blast situation glass brakes into sharp shatters which can cause a bad injury. Glass is vulnerable to intruders, blast, natural calamities, hurled items or accidental damage.

We offer you to solve all the problems connected with fragility of a glass installing LLumar safety films to the existing glazing. The films upgrade a mechanical strength of glass up to 20 times and do not let glass pieces to fly about. Subject to the problems to be solved films of different thickness (from 50 to 400 microns) are used.


By statistics, in the USA each year happen from 100 to 150 thousand accidents caused by the glass; 35% of victims are children before 14.

100 and more micron thick Safety films eliminate any possibility of injury by glass shatters in the event of accidental collision. The film will hold shattered glass securely and safely in place. The question of the necessity of safety glazing in public buildings and workplaces is of European importance and is regulated by EC Directive 89/654/EEC.
The Directive stipulates that
glazing must be safe in any place, where a possibility of accidental collision presents.

Robberies and vandalism

By statistics 75% of robberies are committed entering trough window openings and glass doors.

Thick (300-400 micron) security films deter or slow down an intruder and make impossible for him to penetrate fast into premises. Even after many blows the glass only cracks but does not smash to smithereens. Two or three layers of film provide class A2-A3 security level. In this way are protected windows of banks, shops and offices in Europe.


It is known, that terrorism knows no any territorial or race bounds. Damage from terror acts and technogenic explosions amounts to tens of milliards of dollars every year.
Numerous experiments confirm that in event of explosion 80% of damage is caused by glass shatters. One square meter of unprotected glass smashes to 3000 shatters, which have enough speed and energy to kill a man.

Using 200 mkm and thicker film, in the event of explosion the film holds 95 % of shatters in place. It saves people lives and minimizes damage. As an example of safety film use can serve the fact, that all windows of the USA embassies and NATO objects are to be covered with safety films without fail. Similar government programs exist in Russia and countries of Europe.


The main cause of fast fire spreading is a free inflow of air through window openings. Under the influence of high temperature glasses shatter, opening for oxygen a way into premises.

Safety and security film upgrades fire – resistance of glass and it can resist a fire 10 to 15 minutes, gaining a precious time for evacuation of people and values.


LLumar safety and security films were put to test in laboratories of Great Britain, USA, Germany and Russia. Test results showed that LLumar films by their parameters are better than analogous films produced by competitors.

Standarts achieved:

SCLSRPS4 (117mkm) – CPSF CFT 1201 category 1, BS6206 A; EN12600 Class 2B

SCLSRPS7 (193mkm) - CPSF CFT 1201 category 1, BS6206 A; EN12600 Class 1B

SCLSRPS11 (299mkm) – ANSI Z97.1, EN12600 Class 1B, BS6206 B,

DIN 55290 Part 4, GOST P51136-98 A1,;

SCLSRPS15 (404 mkm) – ANSI Z79.1, EN12600 Class 1B, BS6206 B,

DIN 55290 Part 4(ANTI-BANDIT), GOST P51136-98 A1, A2

To give you more clear idea of potentialities of safety and security films we give a comparative table of experiments, carried out under real conditions:

Technical parameters of construction “glass-film”: glass – 6,2 mm thick, film - 404 mkm thick.

Instrument (weapons)

Glass with installed security film

Ordinary glass

Baseball bat Broken through at 8-10 blows Broken through at 1 blow
Blast at 3 m distance (TNT equivalent 150 g) Broken glass remains in frame or fells out without shatters. Glass fly about within a radius of 15 m with destructive power.
Bottle with incendiary blend hurled from 7,7 m. Bottle brakes against glass, blend flares up, but during 30 minutes fire does not penetrate into premises. Bottle brakes glass and blend flares up inside the premises.
Grenade F-1 thrown from 7,5 m Grenade rebounds and explodes in the outside. Grenade brakes glass and explodes inside the premises.
Pistol shoot from 15 m. Probability of hitting – 0.00156 Probability of hitting – 0.99

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