Automotive films

Automotive films

That's just the thing!
The film protects you and your car from harmful effect of the sun’ s rays.
It serves as a barrier rejecting 99% UV-rays which cause a premature fading and damage of car interior. Rejecting and filtering the sun’ s rays, film protects driver and passengers from glazing and overheating. Driving becomes more comfortable and pleasant.

What good will LLumar tinted film do?

- Protects from heat
- Protects from dangerous glare
- Protects your eyes and skin from harmful UV- rays
- Protects car’s interior from fading
- Saves fuel by reducing air conditioner load
- Protects from prying eyes
- Reduces a possibility of fast access through broken glass
- Protects from flying glass in an event of accident
- Enhance the appearance of a car

Why LLumar ?

- No. 1 among professional films .
LLumar keeps 30% of world and 50% of American market of qualitative films.

- UV-rays prolonged effect filter.
Unlike the other films, which UV-filter loose it’s properties in first 2 or 3 years, LLumar films keep their characteristics during the lifetime.

- High scratch resistance.
LLumar films at least twice better resist scratches than films of its competitors.

- No distortions.
High optical cleanness is achieved using high quality polyester DuPont and patented adhesion system HPR.

- Wide range.
An array of more than 30 kinds of automotive films allows you to get the appearance of your car you desire.

- Long lifetime.
Period of warranty is 5 to 10 years.

- Easy care.
Washable like ordinary glass.

Three lines for different needs (for fastidious clients) -„Classic“, „Comfort“, „Premium

Classic“ line – films, where the richness of color is achieved by adding stable dyes to the material of film. Patented technology allows evenly impregnate dye to whole material of a film. Carefully selected dyes let you compose warm and mild hues that will impart your car a little bit mysterious appearance. As well as all the LLumar films „Classic“ is leader in this category and enables to achieve best solar protection ever possible using colored films.

Comfort“ line is popular among drivers who choose classic glass tinting and want to get an additional solar protection. Additonal metallized layer added to the material of colored film reflects sun rays and imparts a unique hue to the glass of your car. Unlike of half-metallized films of other manufacturers, „Comfort“ films have no any vision limiting reflections (especially at night) looking from inside of a car. The effect is achieved by combination of film metalized layer and reflection cutting tinted layers.

Premium line – are the best films all over the world, produced using most modern technologies. These are 100% metallized films without any dyes. Richness and color of the films are achieved by magnetron metallisating of different metals. Films provide maximal solar protection and minimal loss of transparency. They have unquestionable functional and aesthetic preferences in compare with other films.
Metal does not fade under the sun, that’s why “Premium” films have a life-long warranty.

Films for windscreens and front door glasses

Till recently because of car windscreen and front door glass toning limitations, drivers had no effective solar protection. The last LLumar project- AIR75 40% reduces sun energy effects complying the requirements of toning.

Due to exclusive formula, the film transmits 73% of visible light and blocks 93% of UV rays.

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